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How To Remove The Virus From Android Phones

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Hello, Friends, my New Blog is Ready.In this blog, I explain to you how to remove the virus from your Android Phone.This is a very Big problem.In this Time every individual people use android phones and many of the people find the virus on your phone.You know once virus can attack your phone it can infect your android phone sometimes permanently. In this article, I will shortly explain you ways to get rids the virus from your android phone and how to protect your phone to Virus.

What is A virus

Mobile malware is malicious software that targets mobile phones or wireless-enabled Personal digital assistants (PDA), by causing the collapse of the system and loss or leakage of confidential information.

How  AVirus can Enter On Your Phone

Virus Can enter on your phone from the various path.

  • Downloading Apps from 3rd party Unknown Sources.
  • Downloading files from Deceptive or Harmful Site.
  • Many Apps in Play Store also have the Dormant viruses to be activated later.
  • Many of the 3rd party Ad Networks also inject Adware virus.
  • Pop-ups and Redirects are also one form of necessary Malware.

Symptoms of Virus 

Following are the symptoms which a smartphone experience when infected by the virus.

  1. Unexpected Data Usage
  2. More Battery Usage
  3. Various Pop-up menu appear on your phone screen
  4. Unexplained Charges on your Bill
  5. Unexpected Call
  6. Automatically Apps will be downloaded on your Screen
  7. Sudden Various Advertisement Come on your Screen

How To Remove Virus From The Phone

Step1: Remove the Unwanted apps from your Android:

For Removing a virus from the Phone initial, you wish to get rid of all unwanted apps from your Android Phone.If you discover any unwanted apps on your phone then you initially uninstall the apps from your Android for removing the virus from your Phone.Remember that not uninstall any unwanted apps on your phone that you do not need and always make sure that always Install apps from Google Play Store.

STEP 2: Scan your device with Zemana Mobile Antivirus

In this Step, you need to scan your mobile with Zemana Mobile Antivirus.Zemana Antivirus is a free software which can help you to detect unwanted apps on your phone.For this, you need to follow these steps

  • First Download Zemana Mobile Antivirus or you can also download Zemana Mobile Antivirus from here.
  • Next, Install it
  • Next  Scan a System with Zemana Mobile Antivirus.
  • This may take Some minutes depending on how many apps are installed on your phone.
  • If any unwanted apps found on your phone Zemana Mobile Antivirus discover it.If any virus it will discover then you’ll be able to click on Delete all Button.

STEP 3: Clean-up the junk files from Android with Ccleaner

In this step, you will clean the all cache of your device with the Ccleaner application.

  • First Download Ccleaner app from Google Play Store or you can also download  Ccleaner app from here.
  • Next, Install it.
  • Scan your phone with Ccleaner, click on the “ANALYZE” button.
  • This may take Some minutes depending on how many apps are installed on your phone.
  • Now Click on the “CLEAN” button and remove all the junk files from your Android device.





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