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How To Withdarwl Money From Debit Card

Debit Card
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Hello, Friends, my new blog is ready.In this article, you will learn how we use Debit Card in Safe Mode.You know ATM Card comes in Two Forms i.e Debit Card or Credit Card.Debit Card is mainly used to withdraw money from ATM and Credit Card is mainly use to deposit money into your Account.I know my some friend know how we use Debit card Your debit card does more than just allow you to make purchases with merchants and online retailers. With Debit Card You can also get money from automatic teller machines (ATMs) with a debit card.

How to Use a Debit Card at an ATM

An ATM allows you to withdraw cash, make deposits, view your balance, and more.For Using Debit Card you  need to follow Some these Steps these are listed below:

  1. Safety First
  2. Insert Your Debit Card
  3. Select Your Language
  4. Enter Your Four Digit  PIN
  5. Select Your  Account Type
  6. Select Your Transaction Type
  7. Now Enter Amount to be Withdrawl
  8. Take Your Money
  9. End Your Transaction

Except for deposits and withdrawals, you can also accomplish most of those tasks online.

  1. Safety first: Before you use an ATM, make sure it’s safe to do so. Only use that ATM in clean, well-lit places. Some devices can steal your card number, and there may even be hidden cameras nearby near which will see you sort in your PIN. If anything appearance funny, move on to a different ATM.
  2. Insert Your Debit Card: Now the primary Step is to insert your  Card into ATM for cash withdrawal.Insert Debit Card quickly into ATM as a result of the machine will scan your card terribly instantly.

3.Select Your Language: Now the ATM machine will ask you to Select a Language.You can select a language in which you are preferred.

4.Enter your Four Digit PIN: Now to access your accounts, you’ll need to prove your identity by entering a personal identification number (PIN). Enter your PIN very Safely.Make sure that when you entered your pin nobody or any Camera will see you.Important point is that you can enter only the right pin of your card otherwise your card will be blocked in future or that time.

5.Select Your Account Type: After Entering your Pin the ATM machine will ask you to select a Your Account type.

6.Select Your Transaction Type: Now the next is to Select a transaction type.Because the ATM will give you many options like deposit cash, mini statement, Cash Withdrawl etc.You need to select a Cash Withdrawl Option.

7.Enter Amount to be Withdrawl: Now Enter the amount you want to be withdrawal from your ATM card.Make sure that amount you entered is not more than your main account balance.

8.Take Your Money: Now the last step is to take your money from Machine.

9.End Your transaction: Now the final step is to  Press the Cancel button several times if you have any doubts.


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